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Echo tools

Why we prefer ECHO tools! 

March 15, 2017

When I started Caldwell Tree & Landscaping. I was overwhelmed with the staggering number of lawn equipment options available. I would ask fellow landscapers and post in forums for the answer to my search. "What is the most dependable equipment for my money?" It seemed every time I would ask this question, It would spark the old "Ford vs Chevy" debate. Except in my case it came down to "Echo vs Stihl" debate.  This left me more confused than before! 

    After not having much luck on the web. I decided to find out what local lawn equipment dealers are near me. I was surprised to find quite a few within  30 minutes of me. I went over to the closest dealer to my house. A John Deer dealer who sales Echo and Stihl. 

  After arriving and walking into the showroom. I was amazed by the selection of lawn equipment. Seeing how each brand offers 3 to 4 different chainsaws, string trimmers, and backpack blowers. I saw fit to ask a salesman for assistance. " I would like something for a reasonable price yet I would like to get a few seasons out of it." He immediately escorted me over to the Stihl tools. After holding a few trimmers and looking at prices. I made my way to the Echo wall. I immediately noticed a better price range. But, what caught my attention the most was when I grabbed a mid range trimmer of the rack. This Echo trimmer has to be half the weight of that stihl. I thought to myself. It was also $20.00 less expensive. 

  My search had come to an end. You can even call it love at first sight! Me and my new Echo equipment were out the door! We now run a full line of Echo trimmers, hedgers, backpack blowers, and oils. It seems there are many good choices out there for equipment. I believe with today's quality standards. Equipment choice is based solely on user preferences. Ergonomics, weight, and cost.

Brandon Caldwell